Mim Gorman


The committee and all the members of Slaney Valley Community Games & Ardattin Athletics wish to extend their deepest sympathy to the Gorman family on the death of their father Mim.  May peace and comfort find you during this sad time.

Mim’s contribution to athletics and community games in our locality and throughout the county for in excess of 40 years cannot be measured.  His commitment to the young of our area far exceeded that expected of any one individual.  Because of his sense of Community and his forward thinking leaves us with his legacy of the finest running track in Carlow.

Always most evident in Mim’s attitude was his sense of fairness to all children, no child would ever be treated differently or receive an unfair advantage under his watch.  He took great joy in seeing young children develop into young adults and valued most a good attitude above all other attributes.

In recent years his health hasn’t allowed him take on an as active role as he would have liked, nevertheless his love for athletics continued to show as all activities were carried out under his watchful eye from the vantage point of the front seat of his car.  There was only one person in the field that the kids wanted to impress and they flocked around his car at the end of the training session to hear him say “you can take another two seconds or more off that time”.

As our 2017 track and field season is due to commence his presence in Ardattin will be sadly missed by all as we know we can never again say “we will ask Mim, he’ll know”.  The greatest honour we and all involved can bestow on Mim is to keep athletics & Community Games strong in our area.

Rest in peace Mim.

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  1. John Kelly says:

    Rest in peace Mim.

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