Make and Model information

Here’s some important information for the class on Friday night and the area trial on the 31st

Where possible if the kids could have the following for the class on  Friday night. 
A tile – to roll out the clay for the clothes.
Rolling pin.
Baby wipes
A knife
The clay that the kids used in the past was “Newplast” for the bodies of models.   This is available from the following:
Newplast/Giotto brand can be used for the clothes.  The Giotto brand is available in Jones Business Systems.
The art shop in Carlow has a small amount of the Newplast clay in stock.  Jones Business Systems, Carlow also have clay – it is the “Colour Clay” brand and in the past the kids found this clay harder to work it.
We will have some clay available for the class – but you will need your own supplies if taking part in the competition on Friday 31st. 

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3 Responses to Make and Model information

  1. Alex Morahan says:

    Hi…do the children need wire for make and model? Also want to ask if they can have it rolled out before the competition starts or do they have to have clay in packages? Thanks. The practice nights in St Brigid’s Hall were super! John is a great teacher.

    • Glad you thought the practice nights we of value, we will have wire on Friday night, clay doesn’t need to be in packets, it can be softened up but must be in balls and cannot be rolled out or in any shapes, any other queries just let us know

  2. Alex Morahan says:


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